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International Nursing – International Travel Nurse Housing

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International Travel Nurse Housing

Find Housing for Travel Nurses and Healthcare Workers in Any state, City and country . Furnished and Move-In Ready, Perfect for Travel Nurses on Contract.

Whether you've been a seasoned travel nurse for a while or are just now planning your first travel nursing assignment, there's one huge item to figure out once you secure a contract: How do you find furnished housing for travel nurses?

Prepare for your upcoming Travel nursing assignment

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and waste a lot of time online searching for a place, emailing people on Craigslist or looking at endless sublets on rental listing websites… sometimes, leaving you no closer to finding housing that suits your needs as a travel nurse. This can be frustrating, and can increase your stress level until you finally secure a proper furnished place with the exact dates and amenities you need to be comfortable and prepare for your upcoming travel nursing assignment .

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A few years back, a travel nurse recruiter might have handled your housing, but that's becoming an antiquated practice

Most travel nurses now opt to take their housing stipend so they can have more control over their money and selecting where they stay—this makes perfect sense if you’ve ever been stuck in a terrible housing situation for 3 months!

Also, since you can pocket the remaining tax free stipend money, travel nurses are realizing the importance of taking on the role of choosing their housing is financially beneficial.

With all this in mind, you probably want to find housing in on your own, if you can. So, is it really that difficult to find your furnished travel nurse housing online? No—it doesn’t have to be!

Who We Are

What does International Travel Nurses provides

International Travel Nurses provides short-term furnished housing in any state, city and country with utilities included, and a variety of amenities depending on what you require. You can adjust the budget you want to spend, too. Every property is available on a monthly basis, so forget about having to worry about long leases. Anyplace was built specifically for those looking for flexible housing—like travel nurses—and can eliminate the time spent searching on other websites and not finding what you need. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; read on to find out more about travel nurse housing and how to find your perfect place today.

Home Care 89%
Senior Care 86%
Personal Care 82%
Health Consultation 86%

Benefits of Travel Nurse Housing

Move out or extend your stay Manage your accommodation online with the option of extending your stay at any time. Did your travel nurse contract get lengthened? No problem—you have the freedom to control the length of your stay with the click of a button

Zero hassle

Select a property in Any city, state and country that you want to live in on Intlnursing.com and then book. No emails, roommate interviews or complications when you’re trying to find the right option for your travel nurse assignment.

No landlord

No landlord, no problem. You just need to move into your place—we’ll handle the rest for you.


All utilities and WiFi are included and will be set up for you and ready to go.